Fur in Florida? Yes, Please!

Fur in Florida? Yes, Please! 

We are super excited to launch Emerging Designer project called Orlando Fur Competition. We are looking to select a designer to collaborate with to create our own collection to be revealed this fall during our 100 year anniversary celebration. Yes, you heard it right. 100 years in business! We are very proud to be one of the oldest family owned and operated businesses in Orlando. 

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People always are surprised to learn that we are in fur business. Furs in Florida? Its too hot to wear furs, they say... well, they are so wrong about that... first of all, we do more than just sell furs.. we offer services such as repairs, alterations, restyling, cold storage, cleaning. These are services that you can not so easily find. If you take your fur to dry cleaner for cleaning, you will learn the hard way that they have no knowledge to clean furs. Most likely, they will ruin it by applying heat to fur skin and damaging it. That is when they contact us but unfortunately by then it is very expensive to repair. If you take your fur for alterations to a seamstress, she may tell you that she knows how to work with fur. However, at the end of the day, you will most likely call us to re-do it since she, as we call it, "butchered" it. We have re-done many jackets that have been ruined by seamstresses. Seamstresses are not trained or have knowledge to work with fur, or have proper equipment to work with fur. Don't make that mistake and only let professional furrier to service your fur.

Fur industry is small and we all know each other and most have been in business for generations. We are like a big family. Skills to work with furs and leathers are very different. So is equipment and training. It is true craftsmanship that is very rare these days. We work not only with customers in Orlando, but we also provide services to many customers around the country. Did you know that furs can last for generations and can be restyled and redesigned whenever necessary? Our Restyle Your Fur division specializes in remaking vintage furs. We love the memories and family heirlooms we create. It is the most rewarding experience. 

Secondly, and most importantly, I want to discuss "image" of fur and idea behind our fur designer competition. I feel like when people think of fur coats, they think of long, down to floor full length coats. That was definitely a case back in days when big hair was also popular. Just check out our ad recently sent in to us by a customer from 1980's.  LaBelle Furs 1986 

Today they might be considered out of fashion, but we call them Classics. There are people who love classic look and you may agree or disagree but classics never go out of style. We still have customers coming searching for classic vintage coat. They are still popular even 20-30 years later. That can not be said about other products.



However, industry and product selection has changed. Focus has become to deliver products that are fashion forward, light weight, fun, and versatile that can be worn in many different climates. And, yes, there are furs you can wear even in Orlando. I, myself, can attest for that. I love my vests and fur trimmed capes that are perfect for Florida winters. I will wear my rexx rabbit vest at early morning soccer game during the Florida winter. It keeps me warm while others are bundled up in blankets in their folding chairs. Best part is, I get many compliments. It is not only warm, but also beautiful and can be worn casually with jeans and boots... even on soccer fields in Florida. Jlo in Fur

With this emerging designer competition we want to show you that there is more than you think when you hear word "furs". There is a lot more. Fur is not outdated as you may think. Instead, it is fashion. Fur is timeless fashion. Fur was featured during Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2019 Trends.Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019

Fur is eco friendly, easily biodegradable.  

Today, people buy new clothes frequently. New season, new fashion, new products. However, fur products last for many years. Even many generations. 

We hope to show you different side of fur industry that you didn't know existed. We want to show you that fur can be worn in Florida and is fashionable. We hope you will fall in love with fur as much as we do!

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019 Trends

Follow us to be invited to Fashion show revealing our 2019 collection designed for Florida Fashionistas in collaboration with a talented local designer we will be selecting to work with on July 13th. 

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