LaBelle Furs understands that every fur garment, whether a coat, jacket, or stole, is not just a mere accessory but an emblem of your unique style and essence. Such treasures deserve paramount protection, akin to how you'd safeguard the worth of your home or vehicle. Let our expertise guide you in this endeavor.

Why Opt for a Fur Appraisal at LaBelle?

  1. Insurance Purposes: One of the primary reasons many seek a fur appraisal is for insurance coverage. It's an unsettling reality that several fur owners either don't insure their pieces or have them under-insured. While theft or accidents are grim prospects, they are potential risks.
  2. Resale, Estate Planning, & Charitable Contributions: For those pondering the resale value of an older fur, considering future inheritance planning, or mulling over donating their fur, LaBelle is more than happy to provide a verbal consultation for a $25 fee. This allows you to understand the potential worth without any formal documentation.

Understanding Your Fur’s Value

The worth of a fur is molded by various factors, encompassing:

  • Type of fur
  • Esteemed brand
  • Current style trends
  • Length
  • Overall quality
  • Existing condition

It's noteworthy that a meticulously maintained older fur can frequently be of more value than a newer one that hasn’t received due care. To maximize your fur's value, it's advised to invest in its professional cleaning, adopt adequate storage measures during off-seasons, and ensure timely repairs.

While our specialty lies in furs, LaBelle is also adept at verbally appraising fur-trimmed items, shearlings, leathers, and other select garments. Whether your piece is from our collection or elsewhere, we give it the respect it merits, guiding owners in making informed decisions, be it for insurance, resale, or donations.

At LaBelle, safeguarding the intrinsic worth of your fur is our mission, and we are committed to providing impeccable appraisal services to honor that pledge.

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