Custom Made Furs

Are you looking for an original fur coat designed for you?

Fur coats and jackets at LaBelle are not limited to readymade garments.

Our custom coats and jackets are renowned for their unsurpassed luxury and beauty.

Custom Made Furs

For example, the glamorous American Lynx strollers and Natural Chinchilla jackets are just few of custom pieces we have made for our customers.

If you are looking for a completely one-of-a-kind fur coat or jacket, we can work with you to custom design and construct the garment of your dreams. There’s no better way to tell the world you have impeccable style than donning a fur that is 100% unique!

If you decide to take advantage of our services to custom craft a fur jacket or coat to make the piece exclusively yours with hand-selected materials, trims, and colors, LaBelle will be honored to bring your vision to life whether the inspiration came from the red carpet or Vogue’s latest issue. Starting with a photograph and your personal measurements, our experienced furriers will get straight to work tailoring the specialized fur coat you’ve always envisioned.

LaBelle has decades of experience in all aspects of production from selecting the highest quality fur pelts to impeccable garment construction. Let your creativity go wild with endless combinations of sheared beaver, chinchilla, sable, lynx, fox, sheared mink, and mink. Whether you want to custom order a Russian sable coat or a sheared mink jacket with fox trim, our master furriers will bring your personal vision to life. Fur apparel special orders can even be combined with custom earmuffs or a handbag to match. Whatever your individual taste might be, one thing is sure: no fur coat is more cherished than one you have designed yourself!