Fur Storage

Professional storage during the summer months is most important to protect your fur from insects, heat damage, oxidation and mildew. Fur vaults are specifically designed to protect the lasting quality of a fur garment offering temperature, humidity and light-controlled environments to protect your fur. No wardrobe in your home can duplicate these conditions.




LaBelle offers full service, on-site cold storage for your fur and outerwear. We have over 3,000 square feet of Cold Storage space and can safely store over 15,000 pieces. This Cold Storage facility maintains a 44º temperature and is humidity and temperature controlled.

Our billing cycle is from March through March, and is $65.00 per piece, per year.

For our out of town customers, we offer Fur Storage Shipping Program. It is $95 per piece, per year and includes shipping both ways. 

We carry $100.00 liability on all items and offer additional insurance by request.

All new purchases receive one free year of Cold Storage.

To find out how to store your furs with us, request shipping label or schedule a pick up, please fill out the contact form: