Fur Storage

Professional fur storage during the summer months is most important to protect your fur from insects, heat damage, oxidation and mildew.

Fur vaults are specifically designed to protect the lasting quality of a fur garment offering temperature, humidity and light-controlled environments to protect your fur. No wardrobe in your home can duplicate these conditions.

LaBelle offers full service, on-site cold storage facility for your fur and outerwear.

We have over 3,000 square feet of Cold Storage space and can safely store over 15,000 pieces. Our fur storage facility maintains a 44º temperature and is humidity and temperature controlled all year around.

Local On-Premises Storage

  • The billing period runs annually from March through March.
  • For clients in the Orlando vicinity, the cost is $79 annually per item.
  • We offer a $25 flat fee for pickup and delivery within the Orlando area.
  • We provide unrestricted in-and-out service year-round.
  • Complimentary year of Cold Storage is included with every new garment purchase at LaBelle.

Nationwide Shipping Program

  • The billing period runs annually from March to March
  • $119 per year per piece.
  • Free Shipping both ways. Shipping insurance sold separately.
  • To send furs for storage, click on "request a shipping label" below and follow the instructions to complete the request.
  • To receive furs from storage and shipped to your house, click on "storage retrieval" option below and follow the instructions to complete the request.

We've enhanced our fur storage service for your convenience!

For in-person drop-offs or consultations, select "Fur Storage and Consultation".

To ship your furs to us, click "Request a Shipping Label".

When ready to retrieve your furs, choose the Storage Retrieval option, specifying in-store pickup or shipping.

Ensure you follow the instructions for your chosen method.

Storage FAQ

Storage renewals commence on March 1st. The process of renewing the entire vault takes us a few months. You can expect your bill to arrive between March and June, as we methodically renew each coat in the storage facility based on the sequence in which they are stored.

We provide a default liability insurance of $100 per garment, which is standard practice in the fur industry. For increased coverage, you'll need to acquire an additional insurance policy.

The insurance cost may differ depending on the specific garment. However, we recommend insuring your coat through your homeowner's insurance policy. Unlike our coverage, which is limited to the time your garment is in our care, your personal policy will extend protection to the garment whether it's in our possession or yours.

If you plan to collect your coat in person at our store, we can retrieve it for you on the spot since we store everything on-site. However, we'd appreciate a day's notice so we can have your coat ready for you upon your arrival. If you need your fur shipped out of storage, please allow us 24-48 hours to prepare your package. We prefer to avoid shipping on Fridays to prevent your items from sitting in a UPS warehouse over the weekend. Based on your location, we recommend scheduling shipments for Mondays through Wednesdays.

The prevailing UPS insurance rates for shipping are $15 for every $1,000 in coverage, and we extend these contracted UPS rates directly to our customers. So, if you opt for $1,000 in shipment insurance, your charge will be $15. Should you choose to insure your shipment for $3,000, the fee would be $45.

We exclusively utilize UPS for all our shipping needs, as FedEx does not offer insurance coverage for fur garments.

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