Repairs & Alterations



Whether you need it shortened, trimmed, arm holes moved up or down or customized to fit your size and style; we can handle your alterations and give you a fur you can comfortably wear and be proud of. Maybe even pass down to a younger generation.

Fur is one of the few materials that can be stripped apart and entirely restyled. If your garment has shrunk since you last wore it, we can quickly add fur to make it fit again. We are proud to make perfect fur alteration with an on time delivery.



Have small rips and loose seams repaired as soon as possible. This prevents minor problems from becoming major problems. Repairing fur garments is not like mending cloth. Specialized equipment including special needles and thread are specifically designed to be used on sewing fur. Most tailors, seamstresses do not have this special equipment or knowledge to work with fur.

Let our experienced furriers to repair your garments properly.


Customize your fur coats with custom monograms.

You may choose to have your initials monogramed or your name placed in the lining.


If you have a fur with a monogram that needs to be changed, this is not a problem; we can make a pocket with lining to cover your old monogram and or cover it with a LaBelle Furs label. We match the lining from your coat and put your initials or name on the matching lining. This is both practical and reasonable.

Monograms are offered free of charge with purchase of fur.