Red, White, and Blue - colorful furs for you!

Red, White, and Blue - colorful furs for you!

Did you know that fur doesn’t always have to be the generic, natural colors such as browns, blacks, or whites? There are numerous ways to make it any color you can think of! The most common is dying it – just like dying your hair, well not exactly, but you get what I mean. This means that on top of being a sustainable fashion, it’s also versatile and can be trendy at times.

Outerwear is defined as “clothing for outdoor wear”

This definition explains the basic principle of what outerwear is, but doesn’t take into account the different looks, styles, or color options that come with what someone chooses to wear. Outwear is supposed to add something to the outfit that is underneath. It should bring another dimension to what the wearer has chosen to put on for that day. If you’re wearing a cocktail dress, most likely you wouldn’t put a windbreaker over that. You’d choose something that adds to the ensemble, not something that drags it down. Great outerwear also, in its most basic form, is supposed to protect you from the element. This is the basic purpose and usually why you choose to wear it in the first place. Whether for warmth or to shield you from a storm of some sort.

That is what you’ll find with any of our fur coats! They’re ready for any event or trip and come in a variety of colors and styles that are certain to add an extra something to whatever you choose to wear underneath. Perfect to keep you warm and dry from the Winter cold, the Summer storms or the dropping temperatures that are around the corner in Fall – great all year round and are certain to be a favorite in your closets.

Purple, red, green, blue, or a multitude of other color options are what you can expect to find in our showroom. We are definitely fans of the fun colored furs. With the 4th of July right around the corner, we figured this was the perfect time to show off our favorite Red, White, and Blue pieces that we have in stock. From strollers to vests to capes and almost everything in between, we’ve got a ton of patriotic choices! Whether you’re a fan of bright colors or appreciate more rich tones – we have options for everyone to show off their patriotism and love of fur.

We’ll have you feeling like a firework!



Fire Engine Red Sheared Mink Stroller w/ Dyed Fox Trim and Cuffs 


Starting off with this super fun Fire Engine Red Sheared Mink Stoller with Dyed Fox Trim and Cuffs. Great for adding a pop of color to any basic outfit and to make a classy, sophisticated statement.  



 Red Mink & Rexx Coat

Next, is the Red Mink & Rex Coat which is also an awesome choice to add a fun pop to any outfit. This one is lighter weight and quite versatile – dress it up or down depending on the occasion. It's sure to be a crowd favorite wherever its worn!





Ivory Cashmere/ Wool / Fox Trim Cape  Check out this gorgeous Ivory cashmere and wool blend Cape with fox trim that has this incredible hood. A wonderful item to keep you warm while also being stylish and sophisticated – perfect to be thrown over any and every outfit you put on, in every season.

     Ivory Cashmere/ Wool / Fox Trim Cape


Following that item, is this fabulous White Dyed Lamb Vest. Such a simple piece yet makes such a statement. This is another one that can be dressed up or down depending on your style – from rocker chic to a bohemian goddess and anything in between! This is one of our favorites and even comes in pink, as well!

 White Dyed Lamb Vest



The final piece of our patriotic journey through fun colored furs is concluding withBlue Sheared Mink with Black Sheared Beaver Jacket this gorgeous Blue Sheared Mink with Black Sheared Beaver Trim Jacket. An elegant choice for any gala or black-tie event that may be happening during some of the colder months of the year.


 Blue Rexx Zipper Front Diagonal Jacket Finally, the Blue Rexx Zipper Front Diagonal Jacket – we’re not lying when we say it feels even softer than it looks! For a bit more casual of a look this jacket is perfect! Comfy and fashionable all wrapped into one.


Now that you’ve seen some of the fun, fashionable, and patriotic outerwear we have, which piece was your favorite? Shop today at  





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